Nels Cline

This year, we asked musicians to fill out a page in our 2014 digital scrapbook (crayons and colored pens provided). The results are fascinating--- see this fun assortment of Q&A's from your favorite artists at the New York Guitar Festival:

Night One: First thoughts. . .  It was a lot of work to get here, and the show is SOLD OUT. Things are going as planned for once! And this is after Rockwood Music Hall talked me into lowering the admission price and then canceled the show for a 24 hour period only three weeks ago because of lack of presales. Shame!

Then the music…

In 2011 I curated three nights at Cornelia St. Café that I dubbed the “Alternative Guitar Festival.” David Spelman, founder of the NYGF, attended two of those nights and was sufficiently enthused to invite me to organize a similar gathering for his festival this year.

 My goal as a curator is to present master improvisers, free-thinkers, those who reject category and style and are radically imaginative. Ideally they are under-appreciated and  have not won any polls. I wish to present these players in unusual contexts, outside of their normal trio or quartet settings. 

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