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**Artists, Managers + Agents: We'd like to hear from you, but please read this before sending anything. Send us links to your music, a couple reviews, maybe an interview or feature article. We get quite a few e-mails and as we’ve got a tiny staff, it takes a while for us to review everything. Please avoid sending follow-up e-mails asking if we received your stuff. We probably did.  If we like your music and see a place for it on the festival, rest assured, we’ll be in touch with you. Unfortunately, we can’t book everything we like, and sometimes it takes us a few festival cycles to book even our favorite artists. Often, if we're over the moon about something but budget/venue issues prevent us from booking it, we’ll still be in touch, just to say that we’re “fans.” Sometimes we'll even pass along information about artists we like to other festivals, clubs, radio programmers, music critics, etc. We’ll try to give you a heads-up if we do this. Thanks!

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