Jason Vieaux on J.S. Bach…

Jason Vieaux on J.S. Bach…

Jason Vieaux, esteemed American virtuoso guitarist who’s performing as part of the 2010 New York Guitar Festival’s day-long Bach marathon at the 92nd Street Y (92y.org) on Sunday, January 31st, muses about the Baroque genius.

“Bach’s music is a seemingly endless world of discovery. At this writing, I

am still exploring many other (and hopefully better!) ways of communicating

the phrasing and architecture of his music — works that I’ve performed and

taught for years. I think this process never ends with Bach, because with

each passing year, as I grow as a musician and performer, his works are like

a mirror of truth. Even though his these compositions reflect back to me my

own growth as I study, practice and perform them, they also show me where I

need to progress. These examples of Bach’s genius are simultaneously

humbling and inspiring; the ultimate teacher. And… the music is absolutely

gorgeous! I find this music not only exquisite and intellectually

satisfying, but thoroughly sensual; as human a music as any ever created. I

cannot imagine more perfect or complete music.”


Jason Vieaux

January, 2010

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