Skip James Tribute

A few photos from our Nehemiah "Skip" James tribute that took place at Merkin Concert Hall on January 25th, 2006...




photo: skip1.jpg

Sonny Landreth and Alvin Youngblood Hart.


photo: skip2.jpg

Oren Bloedow of Chocolate Genius Inc.,

and Elysian Fields.


photo: skip3.jpg photo: skip4.jpg photo: skip5.jpg

photo: skip6.jpg

Sonny Landreth and Cindy Cashdollar.


photo: skip7.jpg

photo: skip8.jpg

Gary Lucas and Felice Rosser.


photo: skip9.jpg

Alvin Youngblood Hart.


photo: skip10.jpg

photo: skip11.jpg

Marc Anthony Thompson and Oren Bloedow.


photo: skip12.jpg

Kerryn Tolhurst and David Spelman.


photo: skip13.jpg


Photos 3, and 6 – 14 by Jim McCarthy. All others by Glyn Emmerson.

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