Graphic Guitars: Fine Art Guitar Paintings by Paul Chase

What happens when an accomplished painter becomes obsessed with guitars? Looking at the work of Paul Chase answers that question...

Artist, designer, guitarist Paul Chase is a freelance illustrator and commercial art instructor, who lives in Apple River, Illinois. Paul began his art career in grade school by making t-shirt designs for other students with permanent markers. He earned his bachelors degree in art, a Masters in Communication, and is now teaching in a Vocational Technical Center. He has illustrated several books, designed album covers and exhibited his watercolors in local galleries.
The New York Guitar Festival has selected several of Paul’s paintings that convey the multi-faceted personality of the guitar. We hope these images will whet your appetite and encourage you to seek out more of his work.


photo: chase1.jpg photo: chase2.jpgphoto: chase3.jpg photo: chase4.jpg

photo: chase6.jpg

photo: chase5.jpg

To learn more about Paul Chase's artwork, please visit his website:

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